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PATEL S.A.U. is the Vall Companys Group’s most versatile abattoir, pork cutting, and distribution plant. With its state-of-the-art facilities and a professional team endowed with a wealth of experience in the industry. We at PATEL S.A.U. are able to satisfactorily meet any production challenge from our customers. Whether in terms of production capacity or in customising cutting and end product packaging. Furthermore, this plant holds the most stringent certifications, including permission to export to the USA.


Quality, Food Safety and Environmental POLICY

PATEL S.A.U. is located in Carretera Vic olot, km 11, 08511 L’Esquirol, Barcelona, Spain. We are engaged in the sacrificing and cutting of pigs, with a volume of more than 1,300,000 sacrificed animals a year. Sales are aimed at the American Market and also abroad, with volumes of export of approximately 70% to European countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and in the rest of the world like Korea, South Africa, Japan, China and Africa. Our activity requires a work policy aimed at satisfying the needs of our customers, fulfilling the ethical code at work and producing a hygienically safe product. We are a sustainable company, preserving and respecting the medium that surrounds us and meeting all requirements. Current regulations of the BRC, QS, IFS and ISO14001:2015 quality management and food safety standards. We are therefore convinced that by following the procedures below, we will achieve continuous improvement. In addition, the company ensures a continuous improvement in the Food Safety culture, providing the necessary means to participate in it and involving all members of our organization.

  1. Produce safe, innocuous, legal and authentic products, meeting the company CPA based on the principles of the “Codex Patel”, respecting environmental and food legislation in all company activities and, whenever possible, going further in order to meet the ever more demanding legal obligations in the future.
  2. Know the satisfaction of the customers in order to meet their expectations by investigating the causes of all incidents and finding solutions to avoid their expectations by investigating the causes of all incidents and finding solutions to avoid their recurrence.
  3. Analyse the different indicators to detect the necessary actions all resources to guarantee a healthy safe product and continuous improvement.
  4. As a consequence of all of this, the Company must always remember that the most suitable processes and technologies must be used in order to prevent, reduce and, wherever possible, eliminate contamination and disturbances that negatively affect the product and the environment.
  5. Follow ethical and safe work processes for the staff carrying them out, respecting freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, without using child labour and without discrimination or permitting inhumane or severe treatment.
  6. Each year, revise and establish the quality and environmental management objectives and take the necessary decisions to improve the management systems.
  7. Meet the training needs of all staff so that they might know and cooperate with the implemented management systems and achieve the annual objectives.
  8. Work to optimise resources, correctly managing the use of energy and water by applying saving systems in all of our production processes in order to reduce water consumption and avoid the overuse of energy in order to be a sustainable Company preserving the biodiversity and the ecosystem of the area. Quality, Food Safety and Environmental POLICY PDE1 Rev. 10 June 2020
  9. Use energies that minimise the emission of gases that might significantly affect climate change.
  10. Suitably handle all waste and reduce it as far as possible.
  11. Continue working to improve wastewater management, devoting all human and technical resources that might economically be feasible.
  12. Maintain suitable facilities to enable correct practices of handling and hygiene and make all necessary follow-up of these to ensure a hygienically safe product.
  13. Ensure correct treatment of the animals, fulfilling and requiring our suppling to fulfil animal well-being regulations from the farm to our facilities.
  14. Establish all necessary measures to produce a safe product and avoid all possible sabotage of the product.

This policy, its objectives and revision are notified on all levels of the organization and to all those working on its behalf.

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